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SPORT Fitness Boxing Meets Bootcamp

This is the ultimate full-body workout. A SPORT Fitness Bootcamp class will consist of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), punching and kicking techniques, and weight lifting movements to help you burn fat, tone muscles, and build strength. Each instructor brings their own personal touch to make the class fun and unique.


SPORT Fitness Kickboxing

We promise not to waste your time with useless “cardio kickboxing” workouts that aren’t practical in the real world. Our boxing and kickboxing classes are taught by instructors with actual ring or cage experience. In these classes, you’ll build confidence and learn proper, real life techniques that will torch calories and give you the abilities to defend yourself against real life attackers. 


SPORT Fitness All-star Abs

Crunches and punches! This class is a unique combination of ab work and boxing. A strong solid core is the foundation for powerful hits.  Work your core to the next level with former college baseball star Tom Wilk. Your core muscles will get an abs-olute burn, you'll thank us later.


SPORT Fitness Personal Training

Are you looking for an individualized program to meet your specific fitness goals? Try a one-on-one session with a certified personal trainer. Our trainers have expertise in helping clients burn fat, lose weight, build and tone muscles, and achieve personal bests in strength gains. Check our clients’ testimonials to read more about what our trainers can help you achieve!


SPORT Fitness Kids

SPORT Fitness Kids will build confidence through basic punching and kicking techniques. Your kids will learn self-defense and healthy lifestyle habits while meeting new friends along the way. Sign them up today for their new favorite after-school activity! Best for kids ages 5-12.

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