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Gym Workout

At SPORT Fitness we aim to provide independent personal trainers with a private space to work with clients and help them achieve their best results.

Our 2000 square foot facility gives personal trainers access to Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Barbells, Squat Racks, Bumper Plates, Cable Machines, Assault Bikes, Rowers, Boxing/Kickboxing heavy bags and equipment. We also have Turf, Sleds, Slam Balls, TRX, Bands, Sliders, Plyo Boxes, BOSU Balls, Battle Ropes, and more!

Independent trainers have the freedom to run their own business. Trainers set their own prices, set their own schedule, and are never locked into long term commitments. We believe trainers should take control of their own fitness careers. 

Unlimited Use

$600 / month

10 Pack


Single Session


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Gym Tools
Gym Workout
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